About Fastladder Open Source

screenshot of Fastladder

Open-source version of the Fastladder is a server-based RSS reader. It is able to handle not only RSS feeds on the Internet but also those of on the Intranet since it can be installed and used on local servers.

Those who just want to try it, or currently don't need a capability to handle RSS on the Intranet, please take advantages of "Fastladder (English)" or "livedoor Reader (Japanese)."

System Requirements

For Windows
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
For Mac OS X
Ruby 1.8.6 and RubyGems are installed
For Unix / Linux
Ruby 1.8.6, RubyGems, and FreeImage library

For Developers

Source Code
Hosted by Google Code
svn checkout http://fastladder.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ fastladder


Source-code license is the MIT License. Source code can be modified and redistributed under the license. For libiraries packaged together with the source code, follow the policies of the licenses of each library.